The Team

Six students, two staff, two faculty, the occasional dog, and their selected #sixwordstories.

Jayce Chow ('18)

We did it! We trained Liz!*

Evan Cusato ('20)

We can always find a way.

Isabel "Izzy" Harrison ('19)

Spent all evening watching woodworking videos.

Liz Leadley ('20)

Get trained on ALL THE THINGS!!

Steven Meyer ('19)

Full team effort, things go quickly.

Sunny Shroff ('18)

Play testing saves so much time.

Bruce Andruskiewicz

There's a mill in the hallway.

John "Rosy" Rosenwinkel

Bias toward action doesn't preclude planning.

Daniela Faas

Let’s make the shop usable again!

Aaron Hoover

Talking is necessary. But just enough.