The Opportunity

Olin College of Engineering is a laboratory for engineering education. This is part of the mission statement of the college, which is telegraphed at all levels of administration. Olin seeks to integrate this approach into all of the different aspects of their project. This includes curricular and policy innovations, spatial innovations, and infrastructural innovations. Rebranding making at Olin is a project which brings this perspective into the shop spaces and policies at the college.

Rebranding making at Olin is a collaborative effort being undertaken by Olin College of Engineering and Work-Shop to articulate and communicate Olin’s unique view on how making forms an integral part of solving engineering problems. At the core of this perspective is Olin’s shop space, which supports both exploratory making and more production-oriented fabrication on campus.


Design a brand identity system and (to-be-collaboratively-specified) brand collateral for Olin’s perspective on making in engineering education. This brand should be authentic in its representation of the student perspective, centered around increasing access to making and spaces for making at Olin, and empowering in the toolset it provides for communication.

Metrics of Success

The success of The Shop's new brand will be measured by the extent to which it's adopted by and propagated throughout the community. The willingness and desire of student workers to extend the brand to improvements to spaces shop swag, and new documents will determine how effectively it captures and expresses the culture we hope to grow and strengthen in The Shop.